Eternal Verdant Heart

Eternal Verdant Heartis a D&D 5th Edition adventure built for a party of Level 5 7 Heroes.

Included in this bundle is the PDF andbattlemaps.

Synopsis Embark on a journey into the heart of the mystical Keras’Nemor, a realm where ancient trees whisper secrets and nature’s power reigns supreme. In ‘Eternal Verdant Heart,’ a gripping Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition adventure module designed for characters of levels 5 7, you’ll uncover the enigmatic history of Aeloria’s Sanctuary, an ancient druidic temple nestled within the Ironwood Forest.

As daring heroes, you’ll seek the fabled Verdant Heart, a potent artifact capable of shaping landscapes and kindling life anew. Dive into a lush world where arcane mysteries intertwine with the beauty of the wild, as you navigate through captivating encounters with fey guardians, enigmatic spirits, and eerie foes that threaten to exploit the very heart of nature itself.

Explore the overgrown ruins of Aeloria’s Sanctuary, contend with the enigmatic Galadryn, and solve the riddles that shroud the ancient past. Unravel a tale of beauty and darkness, as you forge alliances with spectral allies and traverse the delicate balance between preservation and power. Will you unravel the secret of the Verdant Heart and restore harmony to the Ironwood Forest, or will your actions bring untold consequences to the world’s delicate equilibrium? Your destiny awaits among the verdant depths, where legends come alive and the choices you make will shape the fate of an entire realm.

What’s Included?

  • Full length adventure in PDF form
  • Easy to follow storyteller prompts to set the narrative!
  • Fully colored battlemap to use for online play.
  • Custom enemies, traps and items
  • Random encounter table so you can make it more or less challenging!

This all in one adventure bundle might just be the perfect addition to your campaign! Or an exciting one shot adventure for your table!

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