Haven Fallen Weapon Profile Ersbeth Carnivore Pistol

The Carnivore was designed to leave a lasting impression on enemies. Its Incendiary Ammo does just that.


This Profile contains the description and gameplay mechanics for an Item which may be found throughout the Known Universe (the rarity of such is reflected within the average cost in Credits).

The Haven Fallen Core Rule Book (CRB) is required to play a Haven Fallen Adventure.

As the Storyteller you may use this Profile to award Items when looting or kitting out Player Characters or NPCs.

You may provide this PDF Profile to Players, which will enable Storyteller and Player to keep track of what the Character has.

As the Storyteller you are free to amend or modify any aspect of the Profile in order to suit your needs.


The Item Profile within this supplement is provided as a resource for Storytellers to hand out to Players. Each Item has it’s own individual PDF Data Sheet which can be sent to the Player, as well as being a part of this supplement booklet for reference by the Storytelller.

The Items within this booklet are by no means intended to place a limit on what you create for your game, either by aesthetic or gameplay parameters. This booklet is to empower the Storyteller’s imagination and creative mind, and should serve as an example of what is possible when coming up with things for your Haven Fallen Adventure.

As always I wish you fun and fulfilling games.

P.G. Harrington

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