Heavy Transport Wagon Map Pack!

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I am happy to present the Heavy Transport Wagon vehicle, a massive three-level wagon that serves as the armored car of the medieval wagon world. Each wagon floor is designed to work on about a 4 x 8 grid, though you could certainly choose to grid it larger for ease of movement once someone boards and/or there is combat.

The wagon has the following floors:

1st Floor – The first floor is entered through a pair of double doors on the back, leading into a large open chamber filled with a pair of weapon racks, empty chests, a long bench and a pair of tables holding bows and quivers of arrows. A staircase stands in the northwest corner, leading up to the second level, while a pair of double doors lead south into the secure hold.

The secure cargo hold is where valuable goods are stored en route to their final destination, locked behind a heavy door with an intricate locking mechanism. A ladder also stands against the eastern wall, leading to the upper levels.

2nd Floor – The second floor serves as the sleeping and gathering quarters of the mercenaries and/or guards escorting the wagon, with 3 sets of bunk beds, a table, stove, small kitchen and some basic storage. A small hallway leads south to a privy, while a door opens west into the private quarters of the wagon leader.

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