Heroes from Far Beyond

Heroes from Far Beyond brings you six new Far Realm and psionic themed subclasses, new lineage and a feat for it. All of these player options can be connected to Far Realm but don’t necessarily need to be played in campaigns that feature Far Realm as a prominent part of the narrative. While many of these options take inspiration from widely known fiction like Aliens, Stranger Things or H.P. Lovecraft’s works, I encourage you to create new spins and interpretations for characters using these options as the world Far Realm and cosmic horrors is basically limitless in its weirdness.

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Important most of the character options here deal with horror themes i.e. body horror, so be sure to check with the rest of your table on how they would feel with such themes being possibly highlighted at your table. In addition, psychic powers are often used narratively in a tandem with real world psychological traumas. If you want to use mental health problems in such a manner, please, check in with your table first and be very careful and respectful.

Here is a brief summary of what each character option is capable of

The Aberrant Host lineage and Expansive evolution feat allow you to create characters who have been touched by the Far Realm on a physical level, be it an illithid tadpole or an aberrant symbiote. You would be able to pick unique development of your character on 1st and 5th level, and, if you pick the feat, two other options later on.

The Occultist subclass for Artificers leans towards Warlock’s connection with otherworldly patrons. Their connection is deeply rooted in a material world, as they use occult focuses to bring forth the mysterious powers of those beyond the veil.

The Path of the Shattered mind subclass for Barbarians focuses on making them much more potent in exploration. They can sense more than other creatures and use their physical health to empower their cognitive abilities. In battles, these barbarians use their psychic powers to throw opponents off their game.

The College of Fascination subclass for Bards allows you to play a creative genius that connects with higher entities through their art, bringing both inspiring and terrifying truths to those around them.

The Psyche Domain subclass for Clerics grants you ways to both soothe allies and manipulate enemies. The channel divinity allows these clerics to inspire certain emotions in people to their detriment and benefit, so you should choose wisely what you want others to do.

The Circle of the Change subclass for Druids is an aggressive shapeshifter that can sculpt their Wild Shape to suit their needs. Besides being able to turn into terrifying beasts, they can also make other creatures feel rapid change under the druid’s influence.

The Paradoxomancy subclass for Wizards bends space around themselves and creatures allowing characters and their allies to move unnaturally through dimensions or when using teleportation magic. And when they get to level 14, they can be in two places at the same time. Literally. Just look out for those pesky Temporal Paradoxes.

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