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Legends echo through the dense jungle, weaving tales of an elusive spring hidden within its depths. Whispers of untold riches tantalize the hearts of adventurers, yet the unforgiving wilderness devours the hopes of many, leaving them lost in its labyrinth long before they can savor the sweetness of those coveted waters upon their lips. Only the most resilient and cunning souls dare to embark on this treacherous quest, their determination fueled by the allure of untamed treasures that lie within the heart of the jungle’s embrace.


You may use these maps for both personal and commercial use. They can be altered, modified, cropped, or combined, but must maintain their original resolution. If you use these maps in commercial products, you must credit Bearworks. You cannot resell these maps individually or collectively as their own product. In DriveThruRPG or DMsGuild, addBearworks as Artist.

This product will net you 16 different versions of the map

40×40 — Gridded & Non Gridded — Nighttime Versions of Each

• Jungle Cenote – A jungle stream cuts across an overgrown path, depositing into a sunken grotto

• Rain – Water pools along the path and small waterfalls fill the cenote below

• Mists – The oppressive heat has brought forth choking mists, obscuring the land around

• Vibrant – The normal greens and brown of the jungle have given way to something more colorful

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