Keys from the Golden Vault Affair on the Concordant Express Map Supplement

Detailed Battle Map for Affair on the Concordant Express in Keys from the Golden Vault!

  • Maps
    • Ground Train (80×16)
    • Flying Train (80×16)
    • Ground Train (124×16)
    • Flying Train (124×16)
  • Each Train Car and Roof included as individual assets!
    • This allows you to configure the train with any number of cars in any order
    • Includes the Jail Car 2nd Floor
  • Dozens of map combinations, including mixtures of
    • Day | Night
    • Grid | Gridless
    • Lights | No Lights
  • Ground Maps are made seamless, so they can be animated using Foundry VTT or other tabletop apps to make your train appear as if it is in motion!
  • Other Assets
    • Gas Trap
    • Destination Beacon
    • Engine Smoke
    • Jail Cells
    • FREE Acid Spitter Vehicle included
  • Specific details based on the book descriptions of each train car
  • Format 300ppi PNG | 120ppi WEBP | 70ppi WEBP (Roll20)
  • Easy to Print PDF files for short or long train maps; print in US Letter format and piece maps together (comes in color and black and white)

(Map created using assets from Crosshead Studios)

Concordant Express Interior Short Train


Roofs for Infiltration and Exploration


Night with Lights!

Engine Night02.jpg

Swim with the fish in the Aquarium Car

e3_Aquarium Car_12x8_1.jpg

Solve a murder mystery in the Passenger Car

e6_Passenger Car_12x6_1.jpg

“Acid from the barrel has burned a hole in the floor. What IS this thing?”

e4_Cargo Car_12x6_1.jpg

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