Legacy of Netheril Epic Spells

Legacy of Netheril Epic Spells

In this ancient tome of lost knowledge, you will discover

  • 20 Epic Spells (spells ranging between 10th and 12th level), like the divine Celestial Convergence or the perilous Avatar of Karsus. Epic Spells (especially 12th level ones) caneven be used as plot hooks in different ways, both as campaign premises (where a strong wizard performed a powerful ritual who altered the world or part of it), or as possible plans used by BBGEs to vanquish, destroy or control an entire region.
  • Lost lore of the Netherese empire, detailing its history, society, fall and the subsequent decree enacted by the goddess Mystra to ban the most powerful magic, in the effort to prevent other catastrophes similar to Karsus’s Folly to happen.
  • Rules for Epic Spells and ideas on how to seemlessy include them into any campaign setting.
Welcome to Legacy of Netheril Epic Spells, a tome of arcane wonder and perilous knowledge that delves deep into the annals of history, magic, and the ancient realm of Netheril. Within these pages, you will uncover the echoes of a lost era, a time of towering spires that scraped the heavens, where mortals dared to ascend to godlike heights through the mastery of epic spells. Long before reigns rose and fell, the ancient empire of Netheril reigned supreme, a realm of unparalleled magic and innovation. Its mages chiseled reality itself with incantations of unprecedented power, crafting spells so potent they transcended the limits of conventional magic. Yet, the hubris of these mighty spellcasters signed the end of Netheril’s tale, which is ultimately one of grandeur and doom. At the heart of this saga lies the tragic tale of Karsus’s Folly, an event that shook the foundations of magic. Karsus, a brilliant and audacious archmage, dared to wield an epic spell to steal the divine power of the goddess Mystryl, an act that shattered the Weave of magic. The repercussions were catastrophic, leading to the fall of Netheril. From the ashes of this catastrophe, the goddess Mystra emerged, imposing a decree tp nan the most powerful magic, in an effort to prevent further abuse of the cosmic forces. As you leaf through these pages, you will encounter spells of unparalleled might, between the 10th to 12th spell levels. These spells are not mere formulas to be recited; to unleash their power, bold adventurers must embark on journeys of discovery and danger, seeking hidden knowledge and gathering rare, often perilous components. These epic spells offer a double edged sword, capable of reshaping destinies by bringing hope or havoc to entire worlds. Heroes might seek these spell as an ultimate reward, striving to master their might to vanquish darkness. Conversely, villains may wield these spells as weapons of devastation, challenging even the most stalwart champions. So, prepare yourself, curious wizard, for the journey ahead, because this compendium invites you to explore a realm where history, magic, and destiny intertwine, beckoning you to grasp a power beyond every imagination – but also remember that power always comes with a price. Adventure awaits those who dare to unearth these hidden incantations, those who would shape the world with a word and challenge the legacy of Netheril.

History of the Netheril

Epic Spells Table

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