Maze Of The Undead

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Can you survive the nightmare of the Maze of The Undead?The adventurers awake to find themselves trapped in a dark, magical maze. Monsters, traps, and magic hide around every corner. Will they discover the truth of the Maze of the Undead?

This maze crawl is a one shot for 1 to 4 players at 3rd 5th level but can be modified to fit any party. Playtime is about 2 to 4 hours.

One Shot

Looking for a quick session to play with your party? Play this as a one shot adventure with minimal preparation. Just download the map and play along!

Side Quest

You can run this as a side quest in your current campaign. The beginning and end are open ended so it may easily be placed in any existing story. Feel free to switch out the NPCs and monsters to tailor it to your current adventure.

This session includes

A one shot, maze crawl adventure

1 unique map with monsters, traps, and loot

Images to enhance the visuals of the game

A homebrew monster to haunt your player’s nightmares!

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This item is produced by Nate Boyd

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