Mike’s Free Encounter #95 Snartles & Jah Aims

This is the 95th in an ongoing series aimed to provide the overworked DM with ready to run encounters.

The PCs encounter the snartle, a monstrous combination of snaping turtle and giant snake created by the wizard Jah Aims. Will they triumph or whine about their uncool defeat?

It includes a history/background for the encounter, a map, and monster stats. The companion ZIP file contains JPEG versions of the maps (with and without grid), the Word file of the encounter, and a Fantasy Grounds Unity Module file.

The base CR for the encounter is 2.

While written as a standalone encounter, the adventure is set in the same world as my R series of adventures and is located near the town of Rel. If run as part of this series, it could take place after R3 Rukel Manor or as a red herring during R4 Reddle Creek.

“While not considered a major wizard, Jah Aims enjoyed a brief period of fame when exotic pets became a fad among the upper classes. Jah Aims was noteworthy for creating such successful pets as the winged cat and such flops as the scorpion squirrel. During the war, he joined one of the worst factions and provided them with the dreadful spat (a combination of spider and cat) and an amphibious menace in the form of the snartle (snapping turtle and snake). He also committed what most consider a crime against nature and wizardry by producing the poruirrel (a blend of squirrel, mountain lion and porcupine). Jah Aims is believed to have been slain in his river side house near the town of Rel.”

Wizards of the Fall, by Dr. Drev Tullon

The encounter includes

  • History/Background for the encounter.
  • Encounter guide
  • New Monsters Poruirrel, snartle, spat and winged cat.
  • New Magic Item Wand of Monstrosity
  • Color Maps
  • NPC/Monster Stats
  • The Combination Chamber DIY monstrosity creation!

The companion ZIP file contains

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