Prison of Flame

This title comes with adventure pdf and map files to use with encounters.

The Bakradril clan lives in the mountains to the east of Strunvel. Normally the Bakradril clan remains isolated, and they rarely interact with other communities or individuals. The normally isolated clan has has been raiding villages as they make their way toward Strunvel. The villages attacked were set aflame and nothing but ash and corpses were left in the dragonborn clan’s wake. A survivor of one of these raids fled to Strunvel to warn the capital of the coming slaughter. It would seem that a new warchief has been appointed to the clan, and their policy of isolationism is over. They are now on the war path. Unknown to their victims the Bakradril are searching for something. They seek the Censer of Cosmic Flame. The censer is an artifact of the plane of fire. It is also the key to releasing an ancient Efreeti from his prison. Should the dragonborn find the censer, they will unleash an inferno of suffering on the kingdom of Poron, starting with the capital, Strunvel.

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