The Seer wrote you a letter asking you for help regarding a dream she had. If left unattended, the Cormanthor forest may wither and nations may go to war with each other.

A Four Hour Adventure for Tier 3 Characters. Optimized for APL 13.

CONTENT WARNING Loss of loved ones, memories of the past, possible mention of suicide.


This series is best ran for a group of friends. It is also possible to run this adventure as a standalone, however it will require somewhat more preparation and communications between players and DM.

The Pandora Series will focus on the story of both the Characters and the related NPC and be sure to tug a heartstring of your players! It is also designed so that even if your players are new to Tier 3, they will feel comfortably at home within the series! Enjoy, and have fun!


The characters are hired to assist an old lady with lifting a most complicated curse surrounding a white box. To lift the curse, they must first open the box. To open the box, they must first face their innate self. What they then find inside the box may pleasantly surprise them.


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2. Cover Art

3. Battle maps for all encounters

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