STRONG RPG Full System

Our free STRONG RPG is a classless, open source roleplaying game that is just as deep and fulfilling as many major commercial RPG systems you might have already played. However, we’ve done a few things differently. The STRONG RPG is Symmetric (balanced character options, even when considering spellcasters), Terse (uses the same dice mechanic for every roll), Reliable (behaves the same at all levels of play), Open (the core rules are free!), has No Classes (mix and match all options), and is Generic (suitable for a wide variety of fantasy settings).

In addition to the core STRONG RPG rules, this edition also contains premade monsters, characters, magic items, and ritual spells for the STRONG RPG system. (You can find the core STRONG RPG system for free on this same storefront!). Though we will always offer the core rules for free, if you appreciate our effort to create this system, you can optionally purchase these four additional chapters to help support us.

Inside this book are six ready to play characters with stats from level 1 through level 24; over 120 monsters with full stats and ability descriptions; over 120 magical items; and over 20 ritual spells.

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