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Authors NoteLong ago when I first started to DM during the pandemic, I was excited for the fairy race that was coming soon to D&D. Well, I was excited until I found out how bland they were going to be. As a DM who saw the rules as a starting point and not a boundry, I decided to create my own version of the fairy race. In truth, it didn’t go well. I was still rather new to designing my own content at the time and my writing had a long way to go before I was confident enough to share it with the world. Further compounding my troubles with designing the race was a lack of suitable art. As I am no artist I could not put an image to my ideas. Frustrated and tired, I put the fairy races away and moved on.

Since then, I have played a lot of D&D, made a mountain of custom content, bowed at the alter of the MidJourney gods, and published several races for consumption. After all of that, I finally decided it was time to revisit my initial custom race, the fairies. I searched around my library for a while until I found it covered in dust under a stack of other unfinished things. I blew off the dust which caused a cloud of it to form around me causing me to caugh until I thought I would faint! After settling back down, I took the tome and found a nice comfy chair to sit down in. I scrounged up a pen and some ink, lit a mage light, and got to work.

This tome is the culmination of a circle that took several years of my life to complete. I sincerely hope you enjoy this tome as much as I did getting it ready for you to use. Thank you! ~ PonSquared (AKA Tabi Tabby)

Included in this tome

• The story of a multiplanar tragedy that caused an entire city of High Fairies to be ejected from the Feywild and then forced to settle on our planet.

• Backstories as to what each sub species of Fairy did after the great relocation and info on how Fairy society works.

• A new approach to player races that start with innate magic.

• 4 sub species to choose from

The High Fairy. The first of all fairy folk and lovers of the natural world and the arcane in equal measure.

The Sprites. Warriors who were tired of oppression by the First Court, leading them to split off and form their own society.

The Pixies. High Fairy who chose this planet and its natural energies over the Feywild and arcane magic.

The Brownies. High Fairy who rejected the rule of the First Court utterly, instead choosing to live with the mortal races of our world.

•High quality transparent .PNG files of all art used in this bundle as well as additional bonus art. Free to use non commercially.

• 1 new spell (Summon Kodama) & 1 new statblock (Kodama) with 4 sub types (Treeling, Fruit, Carnivorous, and Fungai)

• 3d “pop up” tokens of each character and summon provided in the art pack as glorious transparent PNG files. They are ready to use on any VTT of your choosing. Included are 8 character tokens, 1 enemy token, and 1 Kodama summon token!

• All the art within this tome was generated (by me) in MidJourney and then heavily Photoshopped (by me) which gives you have the right to. . . do anything you want with it! Enjoy!



* NOTE If you are playing 5e you get +2/+1 or +1/+1/+1 to your stats as normal. If you are playing OneD&D stat boosts are tied to yourbackground.

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As a creator, I am committed to making my submissions the absolute best they can possibly be. If you find any errors, omissions, or something you think I should add; please message me in the discussion box below. I would love to speak with you.

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