Tier 1 Side Quests Villages In Distress

Are your players out in the villages? Are they looking for a side hustle for some extra cash? A challenge to sharpen their swords on? Does the paladin just want to do some good in the community? Perhaps you just need some quests to fill out a tavern notice board.

  • A Boy and His Dog an ogre has made a 4 legged friend
  • a Worrying Outbreak all is not as it seems at the village of Bunting Freely
  • The Pied Piper of Hillthorpe rats and ruin and pestilence and warlocks!
  • The Wayward Daughter A girl, lost weeks ago … can you return her to her mother?

These 4 short adventures will drop right into your campaign as side quests, bounties, or monster of the day.

  • setting agnostic
  • hard to deadly encounters
  • for parties of 4 (easy to scale the encounters up or down)
  • levels 2 through 4
  • featuring custom monsters, tactics, NPCs and skill check suggestions
  • magic items, and suggested loot.

14 pages (17 including titles and end pages)

Trigger warnings child endangerment, child death, and flash backs to that one hellboy movie with the tooth fairies in it

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This item is produced by Markus De Freitas

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