Water Arena Battle Map with FOURTEEN Phases!

Hi everyone!

We are almost at the end of the month! This is next to last map release and this is a big one with FOURTEEN phases! Every premium variations also has 12-15 phases, and there is a different scenario available to some of the Patrons as well! I think this one falls into the Traps theme as well, since there is an option of a magic barrier that goes up, preventing anyone from coming or going the water area.

Over the next couple of days you will see the encounters of the month being released, an animated map, and the Patrons will be receiving the rest of their monthly perks as well.

Here’s a quick reminder, just in case you wanted to use one of these phased battle maps on Roll20, and not sure how to: you can just go to the map layer, and put the phased maps, from last phase to first, on top of each other. Then when it is time to get to a new phase, you can simply right click the top layer and then click “Send to Back”.

If you are a Foundry user, I have Scene Phaser, with both a free and a premium version that makes it super easy for you to use phased maps in Foundry!

The free version of this map is attached at the bottom of the post!

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