WIP September Teaser! Anthyria, Noctuoidea Mage

The mages of Divalia wield spells as delicate as moonbeams, illuminating the night with shimmering magic.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a Noctuoidea mage! Anthyria is more romantic, harkening back to our first mothfolk, Psychidae, with her moon motif. Though I’m not sure I put it officially in the lore, any weapons that the mages hold are wrought from Divalia’s corpse, metal forged from the fallen goddess moon that they worship. Their history is pretty deep and interesting, so if you want to know the cause of the rift between the Noctuoidea and the Fidelium, check out their section in the CobraCompendium. This isn’t the last mini for next month, so keep your eyes peeled for another teaser 👀👀👀

Is anyone excited for moth month?!

Anthyria, Noctuoidea Mage

The mages of Divalia are revered among the Noctuoidea, and reviled by the Fidelium. Magic is the source of their rift, and the dividing factor between them. Though the Noctuoidea hold that magic is their divine right and the source of their greatness, it was also undoubtedly the cause of their near extinction thousands of years prior. Ever conscious of this, Anthyria seeks balance between the magic that nearly destroyed them, and the natural world that the Fidelium protect and merge with. She has been striving for peace and understanding between the two sides, and dances dangerously close to what Noctuoidea consider Heresy because of it. Thankfully her status as a mage has protected her, as mages are more highly valued than priestesses due to their closeness to the nature of their goddess.

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