A Dwarven Fortress In The North


Throughtout the North and the Sword Coast, and elsewhere, adventurers often come upon a dwarven fortress. These structures are dotted everywhere, some inhabited and some long abandoned.

This product provides the DM with detailed maps and descriptions of a dwarven fortress. The DM can then add to these as they see fit (inhabiting the location with whatever they wish).

Do you want your adventureres to negotiate a deal with a local dwarven lord or remove a bandit threat? Has the fortress been overrun by undead or other monsters? These are decisions you can make for yourself.

The product includes

* 4 High definiton maps of the various levels of the fortress (Level One, Level Two, Lower Level and Catacombs) both numbered and unnumbered

* a description of the 52 locations within the fortress, to be added to as the DM wishes.

This item is priced at $4.00

This item is produced by Carl Terence Vandal

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