Arboreal Grapplers and Aridni

Arboreal grapplers are malformed creations, twisted by some god into monstrous killers. They look somewhat like orangutans, except their limbs are stretched out into long, muscular tentacles, with bright red fur instead of the dull orange most orangutans have. They are exceptionally agile and strong climbers, using their long limbs to grasp on and pull quickly through branches and foliage, but are slow and clumsy on the ground.

Their creator poured a hatred for humanoids into their instincts, in particular elves. Families of arboreal grapplers will hunt elves aggressively, even invading settlements, grabbing vulnerable targets with their long limbs and dragging them into the canopy above to constrict them until they stop struggling. Many of these victims are eaten, but if given an opportunity the grapplers will wipe out entire groups even if they don’t need any more food. Their drive to kill doesn’t seem to extend to animals or most monsters; while they’ll eat most creatures they can kill, only humanoids are purposefully murdered.

Legend says that a pixie that loses its joyful nature may trade its pixie dust for the cruel magic of the aridni. Sometimes known as slaver pixies for their tendency to capture humanoids for other fey, these small fey have moth wings and can enchant their arrows with a lightless green fire that carries additional effects. These arrows can put creatures to sleep, like regular pixies, but also may strike fear, muddle the mind, or drive the target to helpless laughter. Aridni exhibit a deep hatred for anyone who is not fey, hunting, stealing from, or capturing such people. They particularly delight in stealing from dwarves, but will vent their dislike on just about anyone. Only fey related beings may be granted a pass by the slaver pixies, but any travelling with non-fey will be given a choice: turn on their companions, or forfeit the protection granted by their fey blood.

Originally from the Tome of Beasts 1.

Pathfinder 2e

Foul creations of Lamashtu, arboreal grapplers hunt the fringes of Kyonin, in particular the Tanglebrier, home of the demon Treerazor. While they don’t actively align themselves with the rival demon lord, their shared hatred of elves means they somewhat align. They may also be found in any of the deep forests of Golarion, some aligned with the demon lord Angazhan rather than Lamashtu.

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