Darion’s Explorer Gear Pyroforge Igniter

Pyroforge Igniter Wondrous Item (Tool), Uncommon

A creation of the famed artificer Ignatius Ironflame, the Pyroforge Igniter is a fusion of functionality and artistry. With an obsidian black steel body adorned by swirling golden filigree resembling dancing flames, it transcends mere tool status. The handle’s balanced weight ensures effortless use, while its touch offers a comforting warmth. Ignite Flames On command, spark the Pyroforge Igniter, summoning a flame with various practical applications. Eternal Glow Unveil the Pyroforge Igniter’s deeper powers as it conjures a radiant, fuel less flame each dawn. Artisan’s Edge The Pyroforge Igniter seems to enhance fire manipulation in unique ways. Attunement Reserved for those adept with Tinkerer’s or Artisan’s Tools, uncover its full potential. Quirk An audible hum accompanies its fiery display, hinting at a harmony between creator and creation. Illuminate the obscure paths with the Pyroforge Igniter, where innovation and fire unite in enigmatic synergy.

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This item is produced by Foster Cromwell

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