Decomissioned Disavoed Counteragent Red Herring Blues

An intercepted Betamaz cassette has proof of a goernmental psychic soldier training program called Project Morning Star. Is it real or an elaborate subterfuge to crack the very foundation of the Party? Only the players can uncover the authenticity by infiltrating the heart of Rus’s mililtary complex, The Citadel. They will unravel deeper mysteries and evade assassins all while staying one step ahead of the feared Central State Security.

Explore the Twilight World of the Party First RPG in this exciting new adventure. Decomissioned Disavowed Counteragent Red Herring Blues builds on groundwork of the Party First core rules and 2022’s Twilight War sourcebook and blends them into a fast paced, 80s nostalgia soaked spy saga of agents and counteragents. Even better, it’s the second in a trilogy of stand alone adventures which can also connect to tell the entire story of Project Morning Star if your players wish! Be sure to check out Longshot Behind the Radiation Curtain at the Commonwealth Casino for part one!

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