Folk Heroes Adventures in Shire

You’re a hero…but not in the conventional way

You won’t save the world, you won’t slay a dragon or rescue a princess that’s for legendary heroes and audacious adventurers who live roaming around. You and your friends are concerned with more important things like getting back the cows the goblins stole or saving the children taken by the swamp witch…

Welcome to the Kingdom! A land divided into five shires, each with its own distinct geography, culture and inhabitants. As you venture into this realm, you will encounter a variety of unique races, each with their own abilities, traditions, and histories. The tenacious Torog, the resourceful Humans, the mystical Florans and the joyful Daikini populate the nation.

Within the kingdom’s rich history, the legends of the First King echo through generations. A legendary hero who united the folk and defeated the monsters and bandits that plagued the land, the First King remains an icon of strength, courage and unity. However, despite the ancient stories, danger still lurks in the corners of the Kingdom. From marauding creatures, dark sorcerers to ancient curses, the realm is under constant threat where the responsibility of protecting its people rests on the shoulders of a brave and fearless few.

The people of the Kingdom have embraced their duty to protect their homes and loved ones, forging a lineage of local heroes who rise from all walks of life. Whether you’re a Daikini craftsman, a Torog guard, a Floran artist, or a Human scholar, the fate of the Realm depends on your choices. Will you rise to the challenge and shape your own legacy as a hero?

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