Goddess, Are You Out There? | Tier 2 Oneshot for 5e

What makes a god, a god?

What makes the truth real?

When does religion give way to fanaticism?

‘Goddess, Are You Out There?’ is a deadly oneshot quest designed by Breadinc Books, with a multitude of maps, colourful NPCs and hard decisions to be made. The story for this one was designed both as a bit of fun and a desire for heartbreak, and that’s what it is. There’s an even spread of deadly fights, ability related challenges and roleplay opportunities.

This quest will work both as a stand alone oneshot and as an insert to a campaign if you need something to keep your players occupied while you come up with the next part of a major storyline or simply need a break from thinking about things.

I design a lot of my quests with the idea that they’ll work for brand new DMs or people who get a little stuck on what to say, which is why there are a lot of prewritten sections that you can read out loud or copy paste, if you’re a play by post DM. But those are guidelines, and the world is your oyster.

This adventure comes with

  • An 18 page PDF with Guidelines, Statblocks, Map Previews and More.
  • 3 Custom Good Resolution Maps for Combat
  • 7 New Homebrewed Monsters
  • Hours of Play and Roleplay Opportunities

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