Gunner The New Spaceman

Gunner The New Spaceman, is the perfect guide for new crew man Gunners taking up the noble role of ship’s defender.

Written to be compatible with Cepheus Engine and other classic 2D6 based science fiction games, this product is gives you “lore” to share with players about Gunnery. What do gunners do, how do they fit into the crew?

Its written like a pamphlet that would be placed in the welcome pack of a newly recruited crewman.

Three PDF versions are supplied, one for screen reading, and two in PocketMod format.

A pocketmod is 8 pages of content printed on a single page that can be folded into a small 8 page booklet that fits in your top pocket, and this is the format this product is aimed at.

Print a pocketmod version of this for each of your gunner players and surprise them with it as a hand out, it’ll be a nice souvenir of the game.

This item is priced at $ 1.50

This item is produced by Felbrigg Herriot

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