Night of the Brain Eater Level 6 Shadowdark Adventure

Traveler! In Night of the Brain Eater, terrible happenings occur at the coastal settlement of Tanport. People experience strange, vivid, disgusting dreams. Some walk around with empty, void gazes. But the worst is those that have either gone missing or been found dead. The dead have their heads broken in, their brains missing. The town seeks the help of renowned warriors to find the culprit of the gruesome murders and bring peace.

The characters’ investigation leads them down a rabbit hole of strange happenings and a suspicious spice-smuggling faction that now kidnaps people. However, most smugglers are only puppets controlled by a dark entity that controls their very thoughts. The characters soon discover that elder beings known as brain eaters are behind it all. This adventure leads the party into the depths of the earth to find the brain eaters’ lair and attempt to stop them.

This level-6 Shadowdark adventure brings the heroes to a desolate island to follow a kidnapping plot, leads them to an underground, half-living lair filled with fearsome abominations, and pits them against the worst threat of all, the fabled brain eaters!

This adventure supplement is a special collaboration with another Patreon creator we feel fortunate to call a friend, Diana Muñoz’s Fantasy Maps. For this adventure, she has provided some maps to enhance the feel of this adventure supplement. We invite you to check out Diana Muñoz’s Patreon page.

Here’s a close-shot of the adventure’s layout:

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