Nuclear Dragon (pronounced “new q lar”)

This is the first book of theDungeon Master Adamantine Monster Series.

Number one on the list is theNuclear Dragon(pronounced “new q lar”)

In the book you will find.

  • 4 New Monster stat blocks ready to play for 5e rules. 4 Different sizes and abilities.
  • New Template Nuclear Dragon that your Game Master can use to create his own Tyrant of Chaos and Destruction.
  • New Lair A radioactive wasteland lair that the Nuclear Dragon makes its home.(bonus Volcanic Lair for the Nuclear Dragon courtesy of her majestyQueen Asphyxia)
  • New Disease Radiation Poisoning and Mutations Table.

Follow us for more merciless opponents for your game.

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This item is produced by Dungeon Master Adamantine

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