SJ DC CBB 06 Horror From The Planet’s Core

It has come to light that the core of the planet Nit is in fact an egg for a colossal aberrant monster, a Cosmic Horror, and an Eldritch Lich intends to see it hatched! A plan has been formulated to destroy Horror before it ever hatches. A team of brave heroes is needed to travel to the core of the planet, confront the lich and his horde, and save the planet Nit!

A 4 Hour Dungeoncraft (AL) Adventure for Characters of Level 11 16. Part 6 of the Planet Nit Series for Dungeoncraft Adventures Spelljammer Adventures. Optimized for a group of 5 players with an APL13

Includes image flies of the maps for VTT programs.

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This item is produced by Christopher B. Bertucio

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