The Curious Case of Don Mollusc A Baldur’s Gate Adventure

The Curious Case of

Don Mollusc

A planned luncheon at local barbecue spot,The Umami Tsunami, flounders when the flow of fish from the dock abruptly dries up.As you solve the mystery of the confiscated cod, the filched flake, and the stolen salmon, you may just find that these not so still waters run deep.

Prowl the streets of The City of Blood, dungeon delve through the fish soaked mansion of a disgraced patriar, sleuth your way to the very top of a grand conspiracy.

The Curious Case of Don Mollusc is a 6 8 hour adventure for characters of first level. It introduces the characters to the laws, mores, and peculiarities of Baldur’s Gate, providing them with freedom to explore the city and enough direction and guardrails to keep the story going no matter what choices they make.

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