The Sorcerer 2.0

Presented here is an updated version of the 5e Sorcerer class including updated mechanics, subclasses, metamagic options, and Wild Magic table. This updated class is still a charisma based full caster however they have a greater number of spells known (Charisma + level), metamagic options, and sorcery points (4 at level 2). This system allows Sorcerers to use their features more often and build on the interesting ways they can manipulate spells. Six new metamagic options have been made available Dazing Spell, Invigorating Spell, Ritual Spell, Partnered Spell, Stumbling Spell, and Vitiating Spell while other metamagic options have been updated to be more widely applicable with more clear wording. These changes make it so that no metamagic option is a clear pick and lesser used options are more viable. The class also included a much improved capstone feature that bolsters the Sorcerer’s defenses and lets them use multiple metamagic options at a time. Metamagic Flux has also been added as a 10th level feature. Subclasses have all been updated as well with changes indicated in bold lettering. These subclasses are also backwards compatible with the 5e Sorcerer. All of these changes have been made for the sake ofa) making all options fun with unique mechanics that make its gameplay interesting, b) balancing the power level of all options for the class, c) making sure that all features scale into the higher levels of play, and e) removing options that can be potentially game breaking. I hope you enjoy these updates and find them as an interesting twist to a 5e staple.

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