WIP September Teaser! Riodin, Fidelium Knight and Cervus Beetle Mount

His heavy bladed lance bit deep into an enemy’s torso, just as the Cervus’ pincers severed the opposing knight clean at the waist. He flung the dismembered half behind him grimly to feed the host that followed.

I wanted this fierce knight to be a little more complex than just a regular soldier. He has a kind of heroic, main character quality to him (in my opinion), so I wanted him to have an internal struggle. He’s a character who’s seen a lot of battles and survived, speaking to his fighting prowess. At the same time, he isn’t bloodthirsty and doesn’t take joy in what he does, though he previously thought there was purpose behind it. After being saved by Anthyria at some point, he isn’t sure about why he’s fighting anymore. Maybe he’s even in love with her, although I’ll leave that up to the audience to decide. Either way, where he once only thought about survival, he now has started thinking about a greater meaning in his life, and for the first time had a desire to be better than he was.

Riodin, Fidelium Knight and Cervus Beetle Mount

Riodin is a valiant knight of the Fidelium, who wields a unique double-ended lance from atop his Cervus Beetle mount. Heavily armored, he uses the momentum of beetle and rider to pierce his enemies, generally attacking larger creatures or armored opponents. It is only through this massive momentum that Fidelium spears (grown from chitin), are able to pierce the specially forged armor of the Noctuoidea, which is made from metals mined from Divalia’s corpse. Fidelium arms and armor are always created through biological means, as they are opposed to using magic for forging, and believe mining their fallen goddess for metals is heretical. Riodin is a capable and fearsome fighter, and battles faithfully against the Noctuoidea or any beasts that threaten the Fidelium strongholds. But he holds doubts about the purity of their cause; he was once saved by a mage of the Noctuoidea, and he cannot forget her nor her kindness in his time of need.

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