Adventure Assets 2

Today we have the followup pack of Adventure Assets 2 after last month’s release of Part 1. Like its predecessor, this pack also focuses on the Curse of Strahd adventure, but will be the last one to do so (and I don’t necessarily plan on doing more than one set for all future editions of this series).

Part 2 expands on part 1 by adding unique props from other areas around Barovia like the Amber Temple, Argynvostholt, and the Werewolf Den. It also incorporates a few more “generic” pieces that aren’t necessarily uniquely-barovian, but fit well with the vibe of the other pieces (this includes things like armchairs, barrels, and rugs).

After now completing the 2nd set and rounding out Curse of Strahd, I can say that I am overall rather pleased with the “Adventure Assets” experiment as it was born out of patron feedback from the annual survey conducted last March. I feel that it is a great blend of different kinds of assets and a solid range of broadly usable, generic pieces alongside provocative, unique elements. It also helps me to continue to inject more “dungeon” themed assets into the library in a way that sometimes feels difficult through the more traditional thematic releases. If you have any more feedback on the series thus far or ideas on where it should (or shouldn’t!) go from here, I would love to hear from you.

Adventure Assets 2 ZIP Download

In addition to the assets described above, the pack includes an example map for the Ring of Stone area found above the Werewolf Den and where party members might typically face off against one or more members of the Lycanthropian clan. It also includes an ‘unfurnished’ version devoid of the ring or spears in case you just want a melodramatic cliffside scene.


The Dungeondraft-ready conversion of Adventure Assets 2 contains everything therein as an object within the mapmaking program. You’ll also find a major chunk of those objects as a colorable counterpart!

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