CR21 24 Bestiary of top down VTT tokens


Before getting into the content for this month, I just wanted to express how deeply grateful I am for all of you. I am sorry that I haven’t been active over the past few months, but I plan to change that and to get back to posting regularly. All of you have been awesome, and I hope to continue to grow with all of you.

This month we have ancient upon ancient upon ancient dragons. Plus, there are a few more monsters for your fancy (Lich, Solar, and Kraken). The Lich, Solar, and Ancient Red Dragon have already been shared in the past, but I wanted to repost them within their CR. There are 11 unique tokens total and each as fierce as the last. Are you able to overcome these monsters’ legendary actions? I hope these will bring your D&D sessions to life!

Here’s the list of the included Bestiary:

  • Lich
  • Solar
  • Kraken
  • Ancient Black Dragon
  • Ancient Copper Dragon
  • Ancient Bronze Dragon
  • Ancient Green Dragon
  • Ancient Blue Dragon
  • Ancient Silver Dragon
  • Ancient Gold Dragon
  • Ancient Red Dragon

Along with this, there are 55 tokens for shop keeping! Take a look below for all the amazing variations provided:

Oh! But wait, it continues.

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