Echoes of Ethos

The alignment system in most TTRPG’s is and has always been a touchy topic at most game tables and forums alike. In this document, my aim is to bring back a sense of control and utility out of a morality/alignment system for any TTRPG you might find this useful in and not just be flavor text on the character sheet. Below is a brief excerpt from the document that will touch on what is covered in this document.

“For Game Masters who wish to make morality a more integral and driving force in their games, the following Morality system may prove helpful. In this system, a player’s morality is measured on a scale from 500 to 500 (with an optional varaint going to 1000 on either side). Most players will start with a morality score of 0, but with the GM’s permission a player may start with a higher or lower morality score, depending on what their backstory/background may imply about the character’s existing moral standing”

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