LEGENDS OF CYR NUL THE DIRE PACK A Supplemental for Dragonbane

In the lands of the Ashwhite Delta, chaos and fear spread as trade routes and outlying villages are being attacked and plundered by a mysterious group of bandits. Only one person, an orphaned halfling child, has ever lived through the bandit attacks. Left alive after her parents were killed, the hope was that she might be able to give a much needed description of the perpetrators, and perhaps even provide a lead to their whereabouts. However, before retreating into frightened silence, she managed to reveal only a small but important piece of information. The bandit leader was an enormous Wolfkin. His henchmen simply referred to him as “The Hunger”.

A bounty has been placed on the Wolfkin and his cohorts. You and your fellow adventurers have taken up the hunt. Time is of the essence, however, as you and your group are not the only bounty hunters looking to cash in on the prize.

LEGENDS OF CYR NUL THE DIRE PACK is a “cinematic style” adventure module designed to be played with 3 5 players. The Dragonbane RPG core rule book is required for play.
This product was created under the Free League Publishing Dragonbane Third Party Supplement License. It is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Free League Publishing.

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