Mordenkainen’s Multiversal Feats for Fantastical Lineages

Once upon a time, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything introduced racial feats for the core races of D&D. While we’ve had a couple from other sources, only the D&D Beyond set of Expanded Racial Feats by Adam Bradford for races from Volo’s Guide to Monsters and Elemental Evil has really built upon it. It seems only fitting that with the increased interest in feats for leveling and backgrounds, a whole new set are needed to go along with the fantastical races listed in Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse!

In Mordenkainen’s Multiversal Feats for Fantastical Lineages you’ll find a myriad of feats for all 33 player options! In addition to some refined feats from previously released homebrew, there are over 65 new feats, including completely unreleased new ones for the Duergar! In total you’ll find over 175 lineage feats compatible with the fantastical player lineage options!

None of these feats are half ASI, and all of them are designed to personalize and enhance your character’s playstyle, provide a deeper connection to your character’s heritage, and even act as alternative rewards for events that happen throughout the campaign.

So if you’re looking for some feats for your favorite aarakocra, eladrin, fairy, tabaxi, triton and more? Look no further! Mordenkainen’s Multiversal Feats for Fantastical Lineages is all you’ll need to improve your game! As always, thank you for your interest in this product and of course, have fun gaming!

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