Blackborow Academy

You play a group of Teachers at a magical school, the Blackborow Academy.

You are all friends and fought on the front lines of a war against the Shattered15 20 years ago. Now you look after the next generation and hope they don’tever go what you went through.

Shepherd the next generation of teenage magicians whilst fighting back an oldevil, the Shattered, confronting your past and evading the School Governors.

The first rule of the Blackborow Academy –protect the students.This is yourfight, not theirs.

Teaching at the Academy can be tough. You are caught between a group ofteenagers with magical talent, hormones and little control, a group of SchoolGovernors who are out of touch, out of empathy and out to shut the Academydown and the resurgence of the Shattered.

Luckily you are doing it with a bunch of the best people you know. Your oldestfriends. Of course, old friends come with complicated feelings and acomplicated past and this year is the year it will all come back to haunt you.

You will need paper/index cards and something to write with and a way oftracking tokens.

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