After a few double updates, I need a bit of a break. This Pathfinder 1e monster hasn’t appeared in 2e or 13th Age, so it will be the only conversion this week, getting to appear in both games.

The dread charybdis is an immensely dangerous sea monster, massive and heavily armored. Tales have spread of it breaking ships in half to feed on the helpless crew within, or causing great whirlpools that drag smaller boats down to their doom. Its claws punch through armor with ease, its gigantic maw swallows people whole, and it shrugs off ballista fire with ease. Some even call it a vengeful avatar of a god. All that can be assured is that it is massive and voracious, devouring entire crews when it attacks a ship, and disappearing into the depths between meals.

Inspired by the Pathfinder 1e Bestiary 2.

Pathfinder 2e

Charybdis Creature 13
Rare CN Gargantuan Aberration Aquatic
Perception +23; darkvision, wavesense (imprecise) 60 feet
Skills Athletics +27, Survival +23
Str +8, Dex -1, Con +7, Int -3, Wis +4, Cha -2
AC 34; Fort +26, Ref +18, Will +23
HP 235; Immunities acid; Resistances cold 15
Speed 20 feet, swim 50 feet
Melee jaws +25, Damage 3d10+16 piercing plus Grab
Melee claw +25 (agile), Damage 3d6+14 slashing plus Rending Claws
Fast Swallow [reaction] Trigger The charybdis Grabs a creature. Effect The charybdis uses Swallow Whole
Rending Claws The charybdis’ claw Strikes ignore up to 10 points of Hardness.
Swallow Whole [one action] Huge, 3d6+9 bludgeoning and 3d6 acid, Rupture 23
Trample [three actions] Huge or smaller, claw, DC 32.
Vortex [two actions] (water); Requirement The chayrbdis is immersed in water. Effect The charybdis creates a great vortex in the water surrounding it. Each creature within 60 feet of the charybdis takes 6d10 bludgeoning damage and must attempt a DC 32 Fortitude save. The charybdis can’t use Vortex again for 1d4 rounds.
Critical Success The target is unaffected.
Success The target takes half damage and is pulled 5 feet directly toward the charybdis.
Failure The target takes full damage and is pulled up to 20 feet directly toward to the charybdis.
Critical Failure The target takes double damage and is pulled up to 40 feet directly toward the charybdis. If the creature ends this movement within 5 feet of the charybdis, the charybdis can make a Strike against the creature as a free action using its jaws.

13th Age

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