Darion’s Dockside Wearhouse Catacomb Crawler’s Cloak

Unearth the Secrets of the Shadows at Arcane Relics!

Delve into the mystique of the Catacomb Crawler’s Cloak, a rare wondrous item crafted by the reclusive mage and archeologist, Thalindor Brighteye. This mystical garment holds the power to defy solid barriers, granting wearers the extraordinary ability to navigate through walls and obstacles with the grace of shadows. When attuned, activate the cloak’s enchantment to pass through non magical solid objects for a fleeting duration. Venture unseen into hidden passages and concealed realms, all while gaining advantage on Intelligence (Investigation) checks. While the cloak is prized for its potential in infiltration and exploration, wise wearers tread cautiously, aware of its limited uses. Discover the legacy of Thalindor Brighteye at Arcane Relics, and become the key to unlocking mysteries long veiled by time.

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