DARK PLACES & DEMOGORGONS for Old School Essentials The Enigma of Aldo Bishop Adventure

FOR DARK PLACES & DEMOGORGONS for Old School Essentials

Requires Old School Essentials


The Enigma of Aldo Bishop is a mid level horror themed adventure. In a small Louisiana town, on the edge of a swamp filled with local legend and rumors of pirate gold, a mystery begins to unfold that leads PCs to strange maps, hidden secrets, black magic and old ghosts best left undisturbed! Who was Aldo Bishop and do his plundered riches still await those brave enough to claim it? What forgotten secrets lie buried in his forgotten grave?

Old School Essentials

This adventure utilizes the Old School Essentials ruleset.

Character Levels 4 6

This scenario is suitable for PCs of 4th to 6th levels. This adventure involves equal shares of exploration, investigation, and confrontation with forces beyond mortal understanding. Not every encounter need end in confrontation, as there is ample opportunity for roleplaying, stealth and creative conclusions.

Adventure Setting

The Enigma of Aldo Bishop takes place in 1985, in Red Kitchen, Louisiana (St Tammany Parish), a small town on the outskirts of the bayou between New Orleans and Slidell. Red Kitchen is surrounded by wet pine flats, stinking marsh and the edge of the greater Mississippi/Gulf swamplands.

Hurricane Juan blew through Red Kitchen a few months ago and the town has seen better days. Most locals hang on by working on or near the water. It has a population of roughly 6,500 local folk who live and work in and around the town.

Adventure Overview

The scenario begins with the PCs finding an old set of blueprints that lead them to a hidden chamber beneath a local roller disco. There they find clues that lead them to interact with several notable NPCs and potentially take them to a variety of locations within St Tammany Parish. After investigating the ruins of an old plantation, they discover a terrible secret within the rusting hulk of a landlocked tugboat that could make them all rich… or lead to their doom!

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