Aeruth was once a land of wonder, a place where none knew hunger or poverty or fear. A happy place, where no one wanted for anything. And yet, there were those that wanted. Those that yearned to have more. None could say for certain how greed curled its way around the heart of the people who had what they wished. Whatever the cause may have been, the fact was that those who took from others soon began to take from the land itself.

As man took from the land, the Gods who had built and preserved it watched. Waited. Observed, to see if they would turn back from their path of destruction. Finally, after centuries of deliberation and the slow, aching death of the world, they passed their judgment. The land that had been exploited fought back, bringing death and destruction upon humanity. Millions were lost to the flames that ate through steel and brick mercilessly, to the floods that capsized even the sturdiest ships, to the earthquakes that felled mighty bridges and thunderstorms that smote the tallest of towers.

Even now, the fury of the Gods remains unabated. Only an impassioned plea to the divine will quell their anger, but the voices of mankind cannot be heard when shouted from the land below.

MORIAH is a simple role playing game of ordinary people facing the extraordinary. It is a game of sacrifice, where people living quiet lives at the base of a holy mountain must attempt to ascend it in order to ask for the mercy of the gods. It is a meditation on what it means to give for others, inspired byLISA, Soul Sacrifice,andBlessed Messiah and the Tower of AI.


  • A sacrifice mechanic that sees you weighing up life and limb in order to overcome the challenges before you.
  • A simple DICE mechanic that evolves the more that you give, going from the humble d4 to the divine d100.
  • The means to become a DEITY, testing the players who were once your friends for their worthiness.
  • A character sheet that allows you to graphically illustrate what you have given, and what you have lost.
  • Challenges that span the breadth of flora, fauna, demonic, and divine, to be overcome with the use of DICE.
  • Five preset Roads for the indecisive Deity (The Road Less Travelled, The Road of Thorns, The Road of Beasts, The Road of the Hanged, Road to the Capital) to use during a standard Journey.

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