The ORPHEUS Protocol

Since the dawn of time, humankind has struggled to survive the ravages of nature, the frailty of the body, and the cruel whims of fate. This is known by all. But what only the initiated know is that nature and its attendant miseries are the least of our concerns. There exist powers and realms beyond the comprehension of the unbroken mind, and the dark corners of the earth are home to the twisted offspring of these powers, and to exiles from these realms.

How has humanity survived in the face of threats whose very names can sear our souls? Some say by the grace of God. Some say by mere luck, or by the strength of the human spirit. All of these are wrong. We survive because we have captured some few of these supernatural threats and put them to use. Humanity has stolen from the gods a dark fire it cannot comprehend, and wields it desperately against the coming night.

ORPHEUS, a secretive paramilitary organization tracing its roots to ancient history, strives to maintain a monopoly on deployable paranormal power, operating in strike teams and secret cells around the globe. Their methods are ruthless, their resources bottomless, and their directive simple Assess, Contain, Employ.

The ORPHEUS Protocol is a tabletop role playing game in which players explore a world of eldritch horror, occult espionage, and shadowy paramilitary engagement. To this end, players take on the role of supernaturally augmented or impeccably skilled operatives as part of ORPHEUS’s eternal mission to protect the world and consolidate its supernatural power in the process. These operatives investigate strange occurrences, navigate dangerous social situations with cunning and finesse, and do battle with forces inconceivable to the undamaged human psyche.

The ORPHEUS Protocol contains all that a group needs to learn, play, and design in the game, including

  • Rules for Operative creation.
  • Resource management driven mechanics that promote an atmosphere of tense, life or death decision making.
  • 17 feature rich character Archetypes, which can be mixed and matched for limitless mechanical possibilities for PCs and NPCs alike.
  • Advice to help new Directors run the game effectively.

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