Three sheets to the wind

You are the crew of a luxury mega yacht called The Dante, it is usuallyhired for 3 day trips called charters. Each charter brings a new, awfuland demanding set of immensely rich guests and you can earn a tip of up to $1500 dollars per crewmate per charter… if, yougive them the luxury holiday of their lives!

But what is the point of money if you’re too stressedout to enjoy it… right? Between charters you liveon a luxury yacht moored amongst beautifulCaribbean islands with perfect weather and aperpetual holiday vibe. You need to earnbig tips and play hard in paradise.

This is a new holiday season on The Dante and a new crew. Some of them may know each other from earlier in their lives or they may be total strangers. Either way, for the next 3 months you’ll be living and working on top of each other.

Oh and one more thing it is being filmed for a reality tv show… but you’ll get used to the cameras, in fact you’ll barely notice them after a while!

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