Unsolvedis a semi solo investigation game.

You play someone who is interested in investigating a mystery.Maybe you are the friend/family member of a victim, maybe youare a journalist or can’t leave it alone or the cop assigned to a coldcase.

Either way you won’t rest until you get answers.

You get answers by asking your friends to play the main charactersin the story for an interview. Interviews can be 20 mins or 2 hours,in person, online or over text – up to you and the interviewees toarrange. During the interviews you ask lots of questions, leadingquestions if you like, write down the answers and build a case tosolve the mystery.

That is why this is a semi solo game. You will generate most of themystery, you will journal and log your findings, draw conclusionsand decide what leads to pursue. You will take all that informationand use it to interview suspects, witnesses, experts and similar. Askpeople to play these characters, ask them leading question and usetheir answers to build and solve the mystery.

You will need a d6, a means of taking notes and an insatiablecuriosity!

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