Darion’s Potions Table Erenthal’s Longer Lasting Potion of Blue Dragon Breath

Experience the might of Darion’s Potions Table with the Potion of Blue Dragon Fury! Encased in a stunning azure vial adorned with silver accents, the potion’s radiant sapphire elixir crackles with raw power, embodying the essence of blue dragons. Feel the surge as the vial tingles with electric energy, a testament to the potion’s electrifying nature. Upon consumption, you’ll wield the prowess of a blue dragon, exhaling a searing bolt of lightning in a 30 foot line, leaving foes awestruck in its wake. Don the fearsome visage of a dragon with each breath, adding a breathtaking and dragon like flourish to your attack. Own the battlefield—unleash the might of blue dragon magic at Darion’s Potions Table!

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This item is produced by Foster Cromwell

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