Darion’s Potions Table Erenthal’s Longer Lasting Potion of Dracolich Breath

Experience the arcane allure of Darion’s Potions Table with Erenthal’s Dracolich Frost Elixir! Enclosed in a vial pulsating with necrotic energy, this elixir beckons to those who dare to harness the power of the dracolich. Unseal the vial to feel the air grow cold and hear the whispers of ancient dragons. Imbibe the elixir and command a torrent of frigid cold and necrotic energy in a 30 foot cone, freezing and chilling your foes to their core. Embrace the spectral form of a dracolich with each exhalation, emanating an eerie aura that strikes dread into the hearts of all who witness it. Unleash the chilling might of the Dracolich and command its necrotic power—only at Darion’s Potions Table!

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