Darion’s Potions Table Erenthal’s Longer Lasting Potion of Gold Dragon Breath

Experience the enchantment of Darion’s Elixirs & Enchantments with Erenthal’s Potion of Gold Dragon Breath! Encased in a regal vial adorned with celestial motifs, this elixir embodies the radiant power of gold dragons. Unseal the vial to be enveloped in a soothing warmth that radiates protection and benevolence. Immerse yourself in the might of a gold dragon as you exhale a dazzling burst of radiant fire in a 30 foot cone, leaving foes awestruck. Witness your visage transform into the majestic form of a gold dragon for a fleeting moment, infusing your attack with an aura of captivating brilliance. Unleash the radiant supremacy of the gold dragon—available exclusively at Darion’s Elixirs & Enchantments!

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This item is produced by Foster Cromwell

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