Elseridge Academy 03 The Old Magic

Today’s release is our first deep dive into one of Elseridge’s magical departments. The College of the Old Magic is—of course—the oldest school within Elseridge. Let’s take a look at everything the college has to offer!

Borough Guide

This borough guide is typical of our college-centric chapters. We give you an overview of this type of magic, a collection of classes students can take, a list of professors and students, some points of interest within the campus, and a table of rumors and plot hooks. Plus, we give you a few appendixes: an overview of teaching assistants at Elseridge and guidance on how to GM collaborative spellcasting.


This is the third map in our school, and it slots in due east of the dormitories. The lookout tower rises imperiously over the void, and classrooms line the lower row of academic buildings. As with each of our Elseridge maps, we provide 5 additional aesthetic variants: Tropical, Forest, Winter, Fluxum, and Starfall.

Patrons at the Chief Courier tier and up get access to a whole heap of interior maps for this college. First up: the Lookout Tower! This building is used for practicing dangerous elemental spells. With an open wall facing the void, you can easily blast fireballs into space with no worries. The Probabilitrix is a gambling hall for practicing probability magic, and the Four Pool is where students practice elemental magic with access to ample resources

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