Eternal Nautilaut u2013 Huge construct, lawful neutral

After August’s Huge Monster Poll, I’m excited to present you another construct: the Eternal Nautilaut.

The nautilaut was built to fight off the biggest dangers threatening the peace of the once glorious metropolis. Now that the sea reclaimed the lands, the age-old construct lies dormant and trapped. From the the bottom of the oceans it gazes up to the countless vessels that pass, endlessly waiting for a purpose to fulfill – cursed to hold out as only the slowly advancing corrosion might free the nautlilaut from its prison.

As with all exclusive huge creatures, art, token and the monster page are available to all my patrons! You are beyond amazing and I’m more than honored to have you! Thank you so much♥

PS The Eternal Nautilaut is based on the Eternal Automaton in case you want to check this one out as well.

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