Legends of Kralis Bestiary I

The Legends of Kralis opens a portal with your mind, come and join us on adventures that spans the multiverse!

Within the pages of Bestiary I you’ll delve into a tome of monsters built to help the Game Master craft compelling stories as you harness the meticulously detailed creatures from myths, timeless lore, and collaborative visions—each entity accompanied by easy to read game statistics. As the maestro behind the screen, wield this bestiary as a palette of creative ingenuity. Merge legends seamlessly with gameplay dynamics, fueling unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re weaving intricate plots or conjuring heart pounding encounters, this compendium empowers you to orchestrate thrilling sagas.

The Legends of Kralis Bestiary I contains over 300+ monsters pulled from myths, world lore and other high octane sources. Each entity within is built with easy to use in game staistics to help the Game Master design thirlling stories!

The Legends of Kralis is a universal role playing system that gives you access to a plethora or races, skills, abilities and amazingly in depth lore from which to build any type of game you wish to play. Each chapter is filled with the rules and options you’ll need to design and run a table top role playing game fit perfectly for your particular players. You can make it as simple or as customizable as you’d like and easily play with varying levels of technology, a vast array of environments or as much lore as your players could want to be immersed in. Come and check us out, you’ll find it worth your time.

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