One Hour RPG The Wizards of the White Tower

In this collection of short adventures, written for use with the 5th edition of the world’s oldest role playing game, the player characters are all novice spellcasters serving their apprenticeships under a great wizard. Alongside the lessons and the study, the apprentices are set challenges and missions. Adventures include

  • A magic show at a village fete goes dangerously wrong.
  • An ancient book in the library draws the party into an epic quest.
  • A trip into the forest to gather potion ingredients takes an unexpected turn.
  • The apprentices must pass the deadly tests set by their master.
  • A climactic high stakes battle with an evil and powerful foe.

The player characters begin at level one, and the adventures are all written with inexperienced GMs and players in mind they are fun to run, with minimal preparation needed. Though simple, these adventures have many unexpected twists and turns.

All of the adventures are stand alone (except the last one), though there are recurring characters and themes so that they do link together very satisfyingly if you want to play them as a campaign.

Most importantly, each adventure is playable in less than an hour, and advice and alternatives are offered to the GM to ensure this happens. However, experienced GMs could easily expand each adventure to two or more hours, if that would be preferable.

Note The Wizards of the White Tower

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