September Release Preview

Patron Download Link: (Will be up in the afternoon of the 1st)

Thank you to all our patrons, old and new, for another wonderful month! It’s truly amazing that we can do this with everyone’s support, and every day we’re grateful for everyone’s comments, photos, and banter. When we see everyone enjoying their prints and paints, it makes all the hard work worth it! Please keep sharing your photos and comments on social media, on the Patreon posts, and in our Discord – it gives us the energy to power through the tough projects, and also helps to spread the gospel of Cobra far and wide.

Speaking of the Discord, if you haven’t yet joined, you should! Paid patrons just need to add their Discord account to their Patreon dashboard, and the bot will drop you into the Cobra Chat:

If you’re not a paid patron, you can still join the open channels through this link:

September is another Moth Month, which I hope everyone is excited for! The Twilight Forest Faction was our 3rd most popular faction in our last poll, after the Mikata Wetlands Amphibians and the Boondaburrans. We’ve expanded on the two warring sides of the Mothfolk with some Fidelium and some Noctuoidea. The Twilight Forest has some of the deepest lore out of all our factions, so make sure you check out the CobraCompendium’s section on them to find out their secret history…

The bases and terrain were created by Kittifizz and Calrais as usual, with amazing concept art by Paul Ferret. And our stats are created by Conflux Creatures. Unfortunately there is a delay on releasing them because our layout artist OddballOwlBear got a full time job! Congrats! I’ll be slowly working on them myself until I can find a new layout artist to fill his shoes. If anyone knows how to lay out text and graphics in our Affinity Designer template, send me an email at andrea(at) 🙂

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